Improve your running technique and reduce your risk of injury.

Each hour and a half session includes:

  •  An in depth discusssion about your injury history, running mileage and what you want to achieve with you running.

  •  An assessment of your balance, muscle control, flexibility and movement efficiency

  •  The best way to examine your running style is to actually see you run. We do slow motion filming and an in depth analysis of what happens at each point of your running cycle

  • Following the treadmill analysis we give you simple easy to implement tips to immeadiatly start improving your running technique. You also get an individualised exercise program containing pictures, videos and in depth descriptions using our physiotec exercise prescription software. These exercises help to improve your running faster.

Repetition is essential in order to retrain your running technique effectively as is good feedback to allow you to fine tune things and be sure that you are maintaining good running form. That is why we have developed a re-training package of 6 sessions ideally to be used within a 3 month period to give you the best chance of re-training your technique. Each 45 minute re-training session will include short periods on the treadmill with video feedback and retraining drills to encourage correct muscle firing patterns.

All assessment and re-training sessions take place at our satellite clinic at Mint Bridge the home of Kendal Rugby Union Football club. Cost £90 for the assessment, package of 6 retraining sessions £225, assessment and retraining package £300. Individual re-training sessions are charged at our standard rate of £45

Patient feedback

I came to Kendal Physiotherapy Centre after I had raced two seasons on the fells whilst suffering from injury. (pain in the hamstring and glut area. In fact 2016 was my best season ever, securing 3 silver team medals in the British and English Fell Championships). But my gluts were not firing which was causing pressure on my hamstrings and eventually it was too painful to contemplate any running at all.

Richard took me back to basics; taught me to run efficiently and effectively again in a way that would avoid injury. Their professionalism in achieving the best outcomes for their clients is exceptional.

Caroline Holden

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