Alexander Technique

The Posture Clinic

The Posture Clinic is at the Kendal Physiotherapy Centre:

  • Wednesday afternoons/evenings
  • Weekends by arrangement.
  • Visits to your home or workplace by arrangement.

To achieve better posture, poise and confidence a series of 6 – 10 tailor-made sessions with Erica is typically required.

More sessions can be added for those wishing to take the Alexander Technique further and explore all it has to offer.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a taught method and not a therapy. When working with you, I provide practical help and advice, and show you how to improve your overall posture, rather than diagnosing or treating medical conditions. The Technique is a great supplement to Physiotherapy treatment since I can help you improve an underlying postural problem that brought you to the Physio Centre in the first place. The Physios will help you with the acute pain, then I can help you change the way you function so that you don’t hurt yourself in that way again.

Most of us develop habitual ways of carrying out daily activities that can put unnecessary strain on the muscles, spine and joints. Compare these bad habits with the natural freedom of movement and poise of most young children. Our bad habits in the way we sit, lift or carry cause tightening of the muscles and tendons and, over the long term, can contribute to serious ‘wear and tear’ of the joints. In a series of Alexander Technique lessons you learn how to reduce the daily stress and strain on your back and limb joints so that you move or sit with greater ease and less pain. The key element is that you learn to take care of yourself.

What happens in a session?
A typical Alexander Technique session at The Posture Clinic starts by inviting you to notice any areas of tension in your body and teaches you how to let it go. This is achieved through explanation and hands-on contact, and results in improved posture by allowing your body to expand to its full height rather than being constricted and compressed by excess muscular tension.

Sessions will help you relearn good habits using activities such as standing and sitting, walking, table work, and exploring other practical day-to-day activities to help you function the best you can. So, whether you sit at a computer all day, enjoy a spot of gardening, paint for fun or for a living, or play a musical instrument, sessions with me will encourage you to explore how you can type, plant, paint or play with greater freedom and less pain.

The evidence
Robust research has shown that lessons in the Alexander Technique can;

  • Significantly reduce the number of days in pain and reduce the disability associated with chronic low back pain. This benefit has been shown to be long-lasting (still noticeable after 12 months)
  • Improve respiratory functioning in healthy people
  • Improve functioning for people with Parkinson’s; The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines recommend that ‘Alexander Technique lessons may be offered to benefit people with Parkinson’s by helping them to make lifestyle adjustments that affect both the physical nature of the condition and the person’s attitudes to having Parkinson’s disease’

Specialist Training:
The Posture Clinic for runners As a qualified Pose Running Coach, I can teach you how to run faster and with greater ease and poise than you ever thought possible.

The Posture Clinic for horse riders As a life-long horse rider, and having applied the Alexander Technique to my own riding to improve confidence and balance, I work with horse riders individually and in groups to help you feel more comfortable and at ease in the saddle and when working with your horse from the ground.

The Posture Clinic for back pain Chronic back pain is one of the main reasons why people take time off work. I can come into your workplace to teach workshops for staff on how to sit, stand or move around in ways that can help avoid back pain.

Alexander Technique £35 per session lasting 50 minutes
£45 for a home visit
Workplace visits on a case-by-case basis.
Pose Running  £100 for two sessions held 2 – 4 weeks apart
First session is 2 hours, second is 1.5 hours

EricaDonnison_300x380Contact Erica on 07771 602665
Email: goodposture@me.com
Website: http://www.postureclinic.co.uk

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