Yaseen Gani



Yaseen graduated as a physiotherapist in 1999 and worked at a University in India as a lecturer for 2 years followed by 5 years spent working for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. In 2008 he completed his Masters in sports physiotherapy and worked for a wrestling and football club in India.

In 2009 he arrived in the UK to study for a Masters in sports therapy followed by a year spent working for Bradford city football club. Following this he moved to Cambridge and spent 4 years working for Core Cambridge and Cambridge Strength and Conditioning. During this time his work included sports injury and musculoskeletal assessment and management and working in an occupational health setting assessing work ergonomics and movement at work.

Whilst in Cambridge he worked closely with a team of strength and conditioning coaches,  focusing on treating patients with long term musculoskeletal problems. Throughout his years of study and clinical practice Yaseen has developed a special interest in strength and conditioning protocols, chronic pain management and sport specific rehabilitation.
When  not working Yaseen loves spending time in the gym and enjoys cooking and watching movies.


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