Your Physio Plan

“If you have teeth you see a Dentist, if you have eyes you see an Optician, if you move you see a Physio. Simple!”


Welcome to healthcare the YourPhysioPlan way.

We believe you should look after your body – it is the only place you have to live!
YourPhysioPlan membership is a great and affordable way to invest in you and your family’s health and wellbeing.
Joining the payment plan means you can enjoy routine physiotherapy, bespoke strength and conditioning programmes, regular massage, the Physio In Your Pocket app, discounted MRI* and further discounts on additional services.
We can’t emphasise enough the need to look after your body and YPP allows you to do so for a fixed monthly cost.

There are 2 main payment plans we recommend the Your Essentials plan and the Your Inclusive plan:

Your Essentials plan £18.50 per month over 12 months

This plan is suitable for patients who just want cover for their basic preventative physiotherapy needs,  members receive 6 treatment sessions over a 12 month period plus 10% off any further treatment sessions. This is a wonderfully flexible plan that allows the patient to choose how and when they use their sessions throughout the year. It is always important that we remind patients that regular check-ups with the physio are essential. This can lessen the necessity of them having to undergo a costly and intensive course of treatment to overcome a musculoskeletal issue that has become painful and symptomatic.
Perfect for patients who value their health and wellbeing and want to be their best. This plan can also be used to help patients spread the cost of an intensive course of physio treatment. No initial assessment is necessary and patients can sign up there and then in the practice or directly online via

Your Inclusive plan £60  per month over 12 months

This plan provides members with 2 sessions per calendar month plus 10% off any further treatment sessions and is suitable for patients with pre-existing, chronic or degenerate conditions who require continual support from their physiotherapist to manage their symptoms and optimise their function throughout the year. Patients receive great value and are able to invest confidently in the health and wellbeing. This is a good option for patients who do not have health insurance or are no longer covered by their private health insurance for pre-existing or chronic conditions yet still require physiotherapy support. No initial assessment is necessary and patients can sign up there and then in the practice or
directly online via

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